Annual Drummer/GCHS Greyhound Festival
Saturday, July 15, 2023
North Park Pavilion, Gibson City, Illinois




Below are some selected Internet links which pertain to Gibson City and especially the schools of Gibson City. If you have any relevant links that you would like to have added here, please contact Carla Moxley or Doug Brooks. (No Commercial links, please).

Gibson City, Illinois - The official site of Gibson City providing diverse information about the city.

Gibson City Schools - The official site of the Gibson City Schools, providing information for the entire school system through the years.

Illinois High School Glory Days - An independently produced site which provides information concerning Illinois High Schools. The entry for Gibson City in this link is exceedingly complete and quite interesting. If you haven't seen this site and you are an alum of Drummer HS or GCHS, you will find it quite interesting.

Homecoming Parade Videos - Dick Tate, Class of '57 and his sister Joan '61 have placed the following Homecoming Parade videos on YouTube for your enjoyment. Joan was Homecoming Queen in '61 and can be seen in several of the videos as a member of the Homecoming Court. Each of these is a direct link to YouTube which will allow you to just click and observe. Enjoy!

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